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Employee at tech startup was discriminated against on the basis of her race and color.


Low wage warehouse worker was sexually harassed by her supervisor and forced to quit following her complaints to management.


Private school teacher was retaliated against by her employer following numerous complaints to management about discrimination in the workplace.


Agricultural worker was sexually harassed by supervisor and retaliated against by upper management for making formal complaints to HR.

Reputation. Respect. Results.

Trial Attorneys

Employment and Personal Injury Lawyers Practicing in California and Nationwide


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Welcome! The Premier Legal Group specializes in you. We are a nationwide legal practice specializing in employment law and are dedicated to helping individuals like you obtain justice for wrongdoings in the workplace. Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation are illegal. You need qualified representation on your side. We can help you.

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Reputation. Respect. Results.

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Illegal conduct based on race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion & creed.


Adverse action against an individual because she/ he is engaged in a protected activity.


Sexual/ non-sexual conduct and workplace bullying create an abusive work environment for an individual.

Tanya Taylor, Esq


Tanya Taylor, Esq.

Tanya is a former civil defense attorney and has a wide range of experience in a number of practice areas. Her practice is rooted in seeking justice for wronged plaintiffs. She has worked on a wide range of cases including personal injury, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, whistleblower, wrongful termination, wage and hour claims, and more. Given the breadth of her legal experience on both the plaintiff and defense side, she can counsel you on a variety of labor and employment issues.

Bar Memberships & Admissions:

Bar Memberships & Admissions:


Employment Lawyers based in California and Nationwide

When an employee is subjected to unwanted verbal or physical behavior because of his or her gender identity, race, class, disability, or other protected status, an abusive or hostile work environment is constituted. Offensive, degrading, abusive, or threatening statements, as well as improper physical contact, are all examples of such unlawful behavior.


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Retaliation Lawyer In Los Angeles, CA

The consequences of workplace retaliation might range from losing a promotion to being fired. If you are the victim of retaliation at work, you have legal protections under the law. So, what exactly is retaliation?

In this article, we’ll explain what retaliation is in law. We’ll also provide information on how to prove retaliation at work and how to sue for retaliation.


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Alina Murphy

Alina Murphy

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Exceptional legal expertise! The Premier Legal Group surpassed my expectations. Their dedication, clear communication, and strategic approach resolved my case with outstanding results. Grateful for their professionalism and commitment to justice!”

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