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The Premier Legal Group has the best harassment lawyer to protect you from any type of discrimination. The workplace should be a place where workers don’t have to deal with acts of hostility, gender discrimination, and bullying. The California State Law, along with the Federal Statutes, protects your rights in the office. If you have faced harassment in the office and your company hasn’t taken corrective steps, we’re there for you.


What Constitutes Workplace Harassment?

Our harassment lawyer is eager to fight your case. Unwanted advances, leering or staring, and unwanted touching are some types of workplace harassment. Moreover, a hostile work environment also constitutes workplace harassment. With a harassment attorney, you can protect your rights.


What are the Laws Against Workplace Harassment in Los Angeles?

You should note that workplace harassment is a critical and pervasive issue that affects your well-being and productivity. To address this, you should consult with our harassment attorneys in California.

However, it is also important to know about the laws that protect your rights against harassment in the workplace. The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) is the main law that controls workplace harassment in California. If you need more clarity on laws against workplace harassment, you can consult our harassment lawyers California.

Have You Experienced Workplace Harassment in Los Angeles?

Workplace harassment in California can result in emotional trauma. If you have experienced emotional trauma due to workplace harassment, we have you covered. The proficient lawyers at our agency will help you address the issue as soon as possible. Contact our harassment lawyer to know about your rights and the immediate plan of action.

Examples of Workplace Harassment

It is crucial to understand the examples of workplace harassment to protect your rights. When you reach out to our harassment lawyer in Los Angeles, you should communicate the circumstances of the harassment. Some good examples of harassment in the workplace are unwanted advances, offensive comments, verbal abuse, physical intimidation, etc.

If your employer or supervisor engages in quid pro quo harassment, you have every right to protect your rights. We insist every victim of workplace harassment contact us at the earliest to take strict action against the offender. You have the right to file a workplace harassment complaint with your company, the DFEH, and our harassment lawyers in California.

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What Happens if My Company Does Nothing to Help You?

Working in an environment free from any type of harassment is the basic right that you should expect in California. However, there may be unforeseen circumstances when you will be subjected to workplace harassment. In these situations, it is always a good idea to be aware of the California harassment laws in the workplace.

If your company fails to address your issue, you can count on the professionalism of our harassment lawyers in Los Angeles. The victims of harassment are eligible for compensation through a harassment claim. However, to file this claim, you need the expertise of our law firm

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A harassment attorney plays an integral role in helping you navigate the complexities of workplace harassment. Always remember that harassment in the workplace is illegal and can make your employer land in prison. In California, you have numerous legal protections to submit your claim. With a competent harassment lawyer in Los Angeles, you can fight for your rights.

Contact us for a free and confidential consultation on workplace harassment today. We always ensure that the victims of workplace harassment are treated with care. Our attorneys will also make sure that you feel comfortable while discussing your problems.


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