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Your job is your livelihood. In California, the state laws clearly mention that every employee deserves a working environment where their legal rights should be respected. If you think that your rights have been violated in the workplace, our employment attorney Los Angeles can help. Loss of a job or facing a violation of rights can be emotionally distressing.

When employers violate California or federal employment laws, our employment lawyer Los Angeles helps employees fight back. We are your one-stop option to protect your rights as we pursue all available remedies to sort out your issue. From wrongful termination to discrimination, you can always count on the expertise of our California employment lawyers.


What Type of Employment Claim Do You Have?

Before contacting our California employment lawyer, it is important that you have an employment claim. For instance, have you been wrongfully terminated from your job without any clarification? Your employer doesn’t have the right to fire you and hire someone else. Sexual harassment in the workplace also falls under employment law. If you have been sexually harassed, our Los Angeles employment lawyer can represent your case.


How Much Does an Employment Attorney Cost in California?

The cost of hiring employment lawyers Los Angeles varies from one firm to another. Our employment attorney Los Angeles won’t charge you anything during the first consultation. Moreover, we will deeply evaluate your case before communicating our fees.

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Why Should I Hire an Employment Attorney?

Note that there are various reasons to hire an employment lawyer in Los Angeles. From misclassification to discrimination, our employment attorney Los Angeles can be of immense help. The primary reason to hire our attorneys is the violation of employment laws. On the other hand, you can also opt for a Los Angeles employment attorney for contract violations and unpaid wages.

Another reason to choose our competent labor attorney Los Angeles is workplace discrimination. It is a very common issue that plagues countless offices throughout California. If you are a victim of discrimination in your office, hire our Los Angeles employment attorneys. We also have a wrongful termination attorney Los Angeles to protect your rights in the workplace.

What Rights Do Employees Have in California?

With our employment attorney Los Angeles, you can understand your rights in the workplace. Usually, privacy and workplace safety are the major rights of employees in the workplace. If you think that your employer has violated your rights, contact our employment law firm in Los Angeles. Moreover, workforce retaliation and harassment protection are also your rights. We request you reach out to our employment attorneys in Los Angeles for clarification of your rights.

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Los Angeles Specific Employment Laws

Our Los Angeles employment law firm can make employment laws clear to you. In Los Angeles, the employees are entitled to receive at least 48 hours of paid sick leave. Moreover, you can apply for a paid sick leave every 12-month period. Moreover, no employer can fire an employee without giving any reason. You should contact our Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney if your employer has fired you without any reason.

Get Free Consultation with Labor & Employment Lawyers in Los Angeles

The Premier Legal Group has the best Los Angeles labor attorney to help you protect your rights. Besides having a professional Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer, we try to address your emotional trauma caused by violation of rights at the workplace. We handle most employment law cases on an emergency basis.

Our intake team will meet with you personally to discuss the particular circumstances of your matter. We are among the very few law firms that analyze your case minutely. Reach out to our employment attorney Los Angeles for a free consultation today and to protect your rights.


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